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Ekta Kapoor to host Threesome Party


By Subhash K. Jha,┬áMay 5, 2011 – 11:01 IST

Ekta Kapoor has undergone a complete transformation of personality. From her hair and clothes which have gone from casual and functional to ultra-chic and eye-catching, to her movies which unlike her domesticated soap operas on TV are now sharp, smart and sexy. Yup, the movies she makes also reflect her changed personality.

And now Ekta’s parties are also getting wilder by the month. When one heard that she was hosting a theme party where all the invitees have to come as a threesome instead of a conventional pair, the immediate reaction to the orgiastic concept was disbelief. Yup, the Balaji tycoon sure has come of age!

According to whispers around Balaji Films, Ekta plans to host a Three-Is-Cool party on May 7 where she will invite all her friends from the film and television industry to come as a threesome.

But the real excitement would come from Ekta’s actors and actresses from the film industry. Some of the Balaji leading men are so spoilt for choices that they are already calling up Ekta’s office asking if they could bring 4 and 5 girls instead of 2. The invitees also want to know how adventurous the party is going get after getting so innovative about the invites.

When contacted Ekta is at her naughtiest best. “No no no. They can’t come with four or five chicks. It’s got to be threesomes. The party is a Threesome Party. My film Ragini MMS has a catch line saying, ‘They didn’t know it but it was a threesome’. More >

Esha Deol learns direction and editing on sets of TMOK


By Subhash K. Jha,┬áDecember 9, 2010 – 13:00 IST

By the end of her re-launch film Tell Me Oh Khuda, Esha Deol is a skilled film technician. Says Esha, “Throughout the making of Tell Me Oh Khuda, I was learning on the job. Today I am ready to direct. But I first need to build my position as an actress.”

Says Esha, “I’ve learnt plenty on the technical side of filmmaking during Tell Me Of Khuda. But it’s a bit early for me to change lanes.”

Esha who become a bit of recluse, is ready to strike back. Her home production Tell Me Oh Khuda is being put together by Esha’s mom Hema Malini and Esha frame by frame to make sure the re-launch is just right.

While Hema confirms that Esha is indeed sitting on the film’s editing, Esha admits, “I’m helping mom out. Yeah I am sitting on the editing. Throughout Tell Me Oh Khuda, I was an assistant. I’ve learnt so much from behind the camera. Now I’m learning how to edit. So this film has been a perfect training ground for me.”

Esha doesn’t rule out the possibility of direction.

One advantage of a home production is, you can learn on the job. Esha Deol is not just the leading lady of her mother Hema Malini’s production Tell Me Oh Khuda, she’s also the assistant director and her mother’s chief technical advisor.

“I know I can direct a film anytime,” says Esha who celebrated her birthday in November with a theme party.

Says Esha, “Everyone was supposed to dress up in the 1980s style. It was great fun. Usually I am not the party-party kind. More >

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