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Vivek Oberoi names his son Vivaan Veer Oberoi


Vivek Oberoi talks about his newborn son who he has named Vivaan Veer Oberoi

As told to Priya Gupta (BOMBAY TIMES; February 16, 2013)


While shooting for Sher, I came to know Priyanka was pregnant and I had decided that it was not only her who was pregnant, but we both were. I made it a point to go for each check-up and sonography, and I used to tell her really early in her pregnancy that we would have a boy. I would talk to her belly and she would laugh her head off. Then one day, I just started calling him Vivaan Veer Oberoi and she felt I was taking it too far. Vivaan means the rising sun. The first light that dispels the darkness. Veer due to our warrior heritage. There was this adorable fight between Priyanka and me as she felt what if we have a daughter? How will she feel?

I was there in the delivery room to receive him and cut his umbilical cord. I left his amniotic fluid for a couple of hours as we all know it’s good for the baby. He stopped crying and opened his eyes and kept looking at me. In that one moment, I felt he was my universe and completely owned me. I cried so much at that time, and no one knew whether he was crying or I was.”

Grand Masti actors bond with wives and ‘girlfriends’ in Vadodara


It was family time for the cast while shooting for a comic caper at Laxmi Vilas Palace in Vadodara

Shaheen Parker (MID-DAY; December 3, 2012)


Vivek Oberoi, Riteish Deshmukh and Aftab Shivdasani recently had a shoot schedule for Indra Kumar’s upcoming comic caper Grand Masti at the well-known Laxmi Vilas Palace in Vadodara. It was a big fat family outing in Gujarat for the actors as they were accompanied by their better halves. Riteish’s wife Genelia D’Souza, Vivek’s pregnant wife Priyanka Alva as well as Aftab’s girlfriend Nin Dusanj were around.

Considering the film’s cast also consists of six starlets — Karishma Tanna, Manjari Fadnavis, Sonalee, Kainaat Arora, Bruna Abdalah and Maryam Zakaria — who play the onscreen wives and girlfriends of the actor, it was a case of onscreen and offscreen WAGs! Says a source, “The unit folk began referring to them as the film WAGs (wives and girlfriends) and the real WAGs! The three lead actors, their onscreen wives and girlfriends and their real life wives and girlfriends — all had great fun together at the shoot. Everyday different varieties of local Gujarati cuisine would be ordered and a huge table would be laid where all the WAGs would sit together and tuck into the delicacies.” The film directed by Indra Kumar and produced by Ashok Thakeria is a sequel to the duo’s 2004 outing Masti.

Says Thakeria, “We shot the title song at the Darbar Hall of the Laxmi Vilas Palace. I have a very old connect with Vadodara. A family atmosphere More >

Vivek Oberoi dedicates free time to pregnant wife


BOMBAY TIMES (November 16, 2012)


Vivek Oberoi confesses that he has only one weakness — his pregnant wife Priyanka. The actor unabashedly confesses that he is he a ‘joru ka ghulam’ these days and actually enjoys spending time with her.

He enthuses, “My parents, my sister and I are all super-excited because Priyanka and I are expecting our first baby in February next year.”

Vivek adds that when he is not shooting, he is happy to indulge his wife by taking her to a movie or treating her to her favourite cuisine.

Vivek’s romantic holiday for pregnant wife Priyanka


Vivek Oberoi is planning to whisk away his pregnant wife Priyanka on a weeklong holiday to celebrate the imminent arrival of their child

Asira Tarannum (MID-DAY; October 1, 2012)


Vivek Oberoi is planning to whisk away wife Priyanka on a romantic holiday for a week to celebrate the imminent arrival of their first child. Priyanka is due to deliver in February. VO has been shooting for back-to-back films and has been looking to take a break for a while now. He recently even went to Europe with his wife to shop for her and his sister Meghna who is also expecting.

The elated actor says, “I was like a coolie carrying so much of luggage. We bought maternity products, shopped for some cute stuff in neutral pink and blue as we don’t know if the baby will be a boy or a girl. I am super excited to be a father.” In fact, the actor has even been going that extra length to satisfy his pregnant wife’s food cravings. Vivek says, “Once Priyanka was wanting to have her ghar ka khaana the typical Mangalorean food. So I flew to Bangalore to her house to get authentic homemade food and then returned to Mumbai the next day.”

The actor also admits to writing love notes for his wife to make her feel extra special. He says, “When I come home early, I light up the terrace, play some nice jazz and romantic music on the terrace. I surprise her when she gets back from her yoga classes in evening. She loves nature so I take her on long walks.”

Vivek Oberoi’s rooting for Karishma Tanna


BOMBAY TIMES (August 11, 2012)


If the buzz going about tinsel town is any indication, then it looks like Karishma Tanna is more than just Vivek Oberoi’s co-star in the latter’s film, tentatively titled Sher. An industry source tells us that the actor has been strongly recommending his heroine to every producer, director who offers him a movie.

The lissome lass who was first noticed in tele-serials like Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and Koi Dil Mein Hai, and had a blink-andmiss role in Dosti: Friends Forever, is playing Oberoi’s love interest in Soham’s movie based on the Gujarati gangster, Sharman Munjha.

Last heard, Vivs was trying to coax director Indra Kumar to cast Karishma opposite him in the sequel to Masti.

Wonder what Mrs Priyanka Oberoi has to say about her hubby Vivs recommending Karishma so strongly to the producers and directors. Or shouldn’t we ask?

Vivek Oberoi caves in to wife Priyanka’s demands


Caving in to his wife Priyanka’s demands, Vivek Oberoi recently traded his high-end motorbike

Jigar Shah (MID-DAY; August 8, 2012)


Back in 2010, when Vivek Oberoi bought a spanking new yellow Ducati motorbike, he became his neighbours and friends’ envy. However, looks like they can finally heave a sigh of relief, as the actor recently sold off the two-wheeler. The reason? Apparently, because his wife Priyanka is not so enthusiastic about his “adventurous” ways.

Our source close to the actor says, “Vivek is an adventure junkie. He loves high-speed bikes. Priyanka, who is not so enthusiastic about the two-wheeler, told Vivek to give it away. She has not let him ride the bike.” After sulking for a few days, Vivek allegedly gave in to his wife’s demands and sold the bike.


Vivek Oberoi’s wife turns interior designer


Mehul S Thakkar (MUMBAI MIRROR; July 3, 2012)


The newest addition to the elite club of star wives who have taken to interior designing is Vivek Oberoi’s better half Priyanka. And her very first assignment has been father-in-law Suresh Oberoi’s Juhu bungalow which Mirror can tell you is wearing a brand new look after being redone by the freshly-minted interior decorator.

Apparently, the couple had moved to a flat in Andheri for nearly a year after marriage, for the renovation. They shifted back around a fortnight ago after holding a small pooja there. Suresh and his wife Yashodhara had moved to a flat opposite their bungalow in the interim.

Vivek, who returned on Sunday night after a long schedule of Sher in Jaipur, confirmed the news and added, “We have been living there all my life. It was dad’s dream to have a bungalow. We decided to redo it. We moved back last month.”

An insider told Mirror, “It was decided immediately after the wedding to do up the place. Priyanka and her mother in law, travelled to Italy, UK and Bali, and sourced accessories for the interiors. Vivek’s sister Meghna, who is an artist, has done many beautiful paintings that have been put up on the walls. Priyanka has given personal touches to the study room, where Vivek will go through scripts and watch movies.”

The flat where Suresh and Yashodhara were staying has now been modified into a studio for Meghna and for Yashodhara to conduct her spiritual More >

Was jobless before marriage-Vivek Oberoi


Vivek Oberoi talks about how tying the knot has brought him luck and lots of work

By Divya Unny (MID-DAY; March 28, 2012)


The quaint lanes of Charni Road have turned into a gangster’s abode over the past few days. He’s not a gangster at work, but one in love. Residents of Khotachiwadi watch with wide-eyes as a new and improved Vivek Oberoi aka Jayanta Bhai shoots on the sets of his latest film. And though the actor refused to show off his brand-new, beefed-up look by keeping his shirt on, Vivek had little problem shedding inhibitions for this candid conversation with us (in between giving takes).

How has life changed after marriage? No matter how busy you are or how terrible your day is, you can go back home, hold your wife (Priyanka) and feel like everything’s going to be alright. That’s how I feel. I feel fortunate that I have someone so rooted and real in my life. There is a kind of stillness in me now and hence I feel phenomenally focused on work.

Do you think it has brought you luck, because the next two years seem to be a roll for you as far as work goes? Of course! I was sitting at home. I did not have a single film. I was jobless before marriage. And now I have six-seven films. A crazy calendar!

And ironically you have less time now for your wife? It’s been hectic, but she makes an effort to come and watch me work. Even today, she drove down with me all the way to town, watched me till lunch- time and then said, “I think that’s enough, now I need to go shop.” More >

Vivek Oberoi becomes The Joker


Inspired by Heath Ledger’s character in The Dark Knight for his role in Krissh sequel

Upala KBR (BOMBAY TIMES; October 9, 2011)


Vivek Oberoi has been known to do things that stress out his family. One would think the actor has grown out of these antics, but it seems he’s now going to extreme lengths to prepare for his part in Rakesh Roshan’s Krissh sequel. Vivek is preparing to play the meanest role he’s ever done in the film, a character said to based on The Joker from The Dark Night.

Says a source close to Vivek, “He will not only go through intense training for the part but will also be in isolation. His negative lead in the Krissh sequel has been inspired by The Joker from The Dark Night. Vivek plays a manic criminal mastermind and is trying to work on a husky voice for the same. He even wants to take lessons in voice modulation to get the tone right. Vivek is drawing inspirations from strong negative characters in cinema and watching vidoes of actors like Al Pacino, Heath Ledger and others to see how they changed their voice according to the roles.”

The source adds that the flip side to this is that VO is leaving no stone unturned in understanding and getting into the skin of the character for the role.

“Now that he is portraying a negative character, which is similar to one of the most twisted villains in cinema, Vivek has done some serious research and preparation for the role. However, the source tells us that all of this has been taking a toll on the actor More >

Abhishek invites Vivek?


During the India vs South Africa match on Saturday, Abhishek Bachchan sent an invite to Vivek Oberoi to join him in the VIP lounge. Read on to know what happened next

Sonal Chawla (MUMBAI MIRROR; March 15, 2011)

Saturday’s India vs South Africa match in Nagpur might have disappointed you because of India’s loss but we got some juicy news from that day which will certainly cheer you up.

Apart from other celebrities present, Abhishek Bachchan (sans wife Aishwarya Rai) had come to promote Dum Maaro Dum with his team and was seated in the VIP box. Vivek Oberoi and his wife Priyanka were enjoying the match in Bay L, the stands below the VIP box.

When the camera panned on Vivek, Abhishek saw him on the stadium screen, sitting in the stands. Quite courteously Abhishek immediately invited Vivek and Priyanka to join him and his team in the lounge.

Giving us the details a source said, “Abhishek was seated with Bipasha Basu, Pratik, Rohan Sippy, Rana Dagubaati, in the VIP lounge adjacent to the pavilion. The camera occasionally focussed on the stars.

When the cameras zoomed in on Vivek Overoi, who was seated below in Bay L, Abhishek Bachchan happened to see him on the big screen in the stadium.

As soon as he saw Vivek, he asked one of the officials to go down to ask him to join Abhishek and the team in the VIP lounge.”

Excitedly, we ask our source as to what was Vivek’s response to Bachchan junior’s invite, the source revealed, “The official went up to More >

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