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He’s a ‘small-time actor’ and no rapist, Shiney’s lawyers tell court


Swati Deshpande | TNN (THE TIMES OF INDIA; September 30, 2009)

Mumbai: He’s a “small-time actor’’, and while he may be no “saint’’, he’s “no rapist’’ either. This is what actor Shiney Ahuja’s lawyers said, seeking bail pending trial on charges of raping his 20-year old maid at his Andheri home one morning.

In a fresh bid for freedom after spending more than 100 days in jail, the 35-yearold actor–through his counsel Shirish Gupte along with Shrikant Shivade–said the “victim has not even used the word ‘rape’ in her statement to the magistrate regarding the June 14 incident’’. She “had no external injuries, creating doubts over her claim that she resisted him’’, they said. The complainant had called Ahuja many times from her cellphone the previous night, said Gupte.

Forensic experts have said earlier that the absence of external injuries did not mean there was no rape. A woman could be forced into the act by the threat of violence, experts reasoned.

The panchnama noted that when he was arrested on June 15, Ahuja’s left wrist and right little finger had a “nail mark’’ which the actor claimed were sustained while he was working out, and not from the victim’s nails.

The DNA analysis showed no profile was obtained from the victim’s vulval swab, but did find some evidence to match Ahuja’s “control blood component’’ in one of her smear slides. “The reports fail to conclusively establish rape,’’ Ahuja’s plea said, suggesting it was “a consensual act’’.

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Pooja Bedi blogs about her involvement in Adnan Sami-Sabah's controversy


I’ve known Adnan Sami for over ten years now. He’s been a wonderful friend, a truly happy soul, an incredibly talented individual and a lovely human being. My father, I and even my children are extremely fond of him and his family. True friends don’t just stay for the good times. They help tide you through your bad times too. There is no greater time than this, that Adnan needs the love and support of all those that are close to him. And we stand by him, rock solid!

I feel deeply for the pain being endured by Adnan and his wonderful family. Right now he is dealing with a cancer-stricken father coupled with the demise of his grandfather whom he adored, barely a week ago. Not to mention the constant humiliation, public tamasha and hysterics he has been subjected to by Sabah Galadhari for her personal gain and vengeful reasons. I find it shocking that someone who comes from such a super rich family with homes and assets around the world, the Galadhari family of Dubai, would make it her life’s mission to strip Adnan of the one home he has worked with blood sweat and tears to make for himself. Her penchant for drama and her bizarre barrage of frivolous charges against Adnan including of playing music loudly clearly illustrates how petty and desperate she is for creating a case for herself. I would like to recount my encounter with Sabah in writing so I am not misquoted, and given the sensitive nature of this situation and her penchant for filing cases at the drop of a More >
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