This time KJo’s got two hotties, Kareena Kapoor and Kajol, on his couch

Madhureeta Mukherjee | TNN (BOMBAY TIMES; August 25, 2010)

He gets the hottest stars, with the hottest revelations — all on his couch. But for Karan Johar it’s no big deal. It’s only family time with his big Bollywood parivaar. And this one is no ordinary family. Gorgeous, incredibly talented, and super powers in their own right — some enviable genes they can boast of. With two super-stars, Kajol and Kareena, and one rock star, Arjun Rampal, the industry’s darlin’ is on a roll. On the couch with them, on an exclusive hot date.

Excerpts from the date…

Karan: Arjun is gorgeous and hunky, didn’t you get excited standing in front of him?

Kareena: I don’t get excited standing in front of hunky men! Arjun is a good friend of Saif, when we started shooting I didn’t think I’d be so comfortable with him. There was no interaction with him before this.

Kajol: I think we were lucky for Arjun because he won a National Award while shooting for us. We are the reason he won it. Ha, ha!

Karan: Lot of media speculation about the top spot — Katrina, Priyanka and you. Do you have to fight the competition to be reigning all the time?

Kareena: Not really. I think competition has come and gone in the last ten years, and my name has been attached to everyone who has come and gone, but the fact is that I’ve always been in the position that I have commanded.

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