BOMBAY TIMES (November 21, 2011)


Their chemistry is crackling on and off screen. And their mutual admiration for one another is to be heard, seen and witnessed to be believed. BT catches Don2 co-stars Priyanka Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan in candid confession mode…

Your character Roma in Don2 hates to love him; isn’t that so? PC: I am a cop in Don2, whose mission is to catch Don. But you are right. Though I am supposed to despise him, I feel inexorably drawn to him. There is a strange bond, which I don’t think even Roma (my character) understands. There is intrigue and a latent chemistry in our screen equation.

SRK, you call her a jungli billi in one dialogue. Is she like that? SRK: She is my tame rat. PC: I’m not a rat, and I’m certainly not tame. PC: Please find a better-looking animal to compare me to. SRK: Ok, she is my tame rabbit. Look, I am extremely, extremely, extremely fond of her and I have a huge amount of genuine love and respect for her talent. She is really talented as an actor and I am not saying it because she is sitting here. I like learning from actors who know more than me; Priyanka is one of them. She is one of those actors who knows more than me in her own way. But she is not over-smart. She knows everything; yet there is a naiveté about her that I find endearing and interesting. Sometimes I feel a little bad that I’m treating her so badly in Don2. PC: Shah Rukh, you are just basically patronising, that is a personality trait and you cannot help More >