When talented personalities like Hrithik Roshan, Rakesh Roshan and Anurag Basu come together, you expect nothing short of an outstanding film considering their awesome track record. Expectations are bound to be skyhigh even if you are the one who go for any flick with negligible expectations. Hence, it is really feels disappointed to know that Kites fails and that too very badly in meeting the expectations. In other words, Kites is a turkey!

The story of the movie: J (Hrithik Roshan) is a young, carefree salsa teacher in Las Vegas. Orphaned at a young age, he has lived in utter poverty and hence is always trying to earn money by hook or crook. When he realizes that Gina (Kangna Ranaut), daughter of millionaire Bob (Kabir Bedi) has fallen for him, he realizes that this is the best thing that could have happened to him. He pretends to be in love with her although he is not. Unfortunately or fortunately, he soon falls in love, not with Gina but with Natasha aka Linda (Barbara Mori), fiancée of Tony (Nick Brown), Gina’s ruthless brother. Just like J, Gina is from a poor family and is marrying Tony only because he’s rich. In no time, J and Natasha fall in love, upsetting Tony, Bob and Gina. How they escape from Tony’s clutches and their journey thereafter is what the rest of the film is all about.

Kites begins very well and there are several scenes that are exceptionally handled by director Anurag Basu. The 1st half is fast and slick and one might expect 2nd half to be better. The story moves back and forth (reminds of Basu’s Gangster) and that was indeed impressive. Hrithik’s intro, his courtship with Kangna and meeting Barbara at Kangna’s place was very well treated. And the best part of the film was undoubtedly Hrithik-Barbara’s romance. Both J and Natasha didn’t know each other’s language and the way they fall in love is wonderfully executed and doesn’t look fake at all.

However, the 2nd half is what disappoints big time. There are numerous chase sequences which isn’t a problem since the action sequences are awesome and locales breathtaking. However, the way the couple manage to give the cops and the goons a slip each and every time seemed unbelievable and far-fetched. Also, the climax seemed lame. It was quite hatke but frankly, the writers could have come up with something way better. Also there’s no mention as to what happened to Barbara’s folks (the goons had entered their village), Kangna and also of Kabir Bedi, one of the villains.

Inspite of the flaws, what makes the film watchable is Basu’s direction and Hrithik-Barbara’s sizzling chemistry. Their conversations and scenes were a treat. They indeed seem excellent together!

Every actor pitched in a fine performance. Hrithik Roshan yet again comes up with a flawless performance. His smile, looks, dance and the way he has handled difficult scenes with utmost ease is commandable! This is Hrithik’s first film after 2 ½ years (his last was Jodhaa Akbar, if one doesn’t count his special appearance in Luck By Chance). If only the script was as good as his performance! Thankfully, Hrithik will soon be seen, in Guzaarish and Zoya’s next!

Barbara Mori is a stunning beauty and delivers a bravura performance. She was apt for this role and doesn’t disappoint. The Hrithik-Barbara jodi is amazing and one of the best of recent times! Kangna Ranaut as usual does a great job but she has a very limited role. In fact, the writers could have added some twist in the tale with emphasis on her character. Kabir Bedi shines as the villain although he is hardly there in the 2nd half. Nick Brown comes up with a mind-blowing performance. Great job! Yuri does fine while the actor who plays J’s pal was very good.

Rajesh Roshan’s music compliments the goings-on well. Fire, Dil Kyun Ye Mera and Zindagi Do Pal Ki are the best songs of the lot. When Salim-Sulaiman are handling the background score, it has to be amazing and Kites is no exception!

The film has been shot in some of the best breathtaking and visually stunning locations. Thankfully, cinematographer Ayananka Bose does total justice and an outstanding job. The film looks ever inch an international biggie thanks to his great work! Action scenes are a treat although some action sequences were plain nonsense!

Akash Khurana, Anurag Basu and Robin Bhatt have written the story. Damn surprising! A film which doesn’t have much of a plot has 3 writers! Anyways, they came up with a nice story but faltered with the climax. However, Anurag Basu’s direction saved the show to quite an extent. His creative brilliance can be seen in several scenes and he lifted the film with such a mediocre plot. Even the climax was very well executed although it wasn’t impactful. Overall, a nice job by Basu and a request to him and Roshans and all other filmmakers-when you are willing to spend huge amounts of money on a film, at least come up with a sensible script. Times have changed and people are now willing to shun a film which stars their most favorite celebs if the script is a letdown. So stop taking viewers for granted and hope to see you guys with a much better product next time!

Some of the best scenes:
1.       The first scene
2.       The songs Fire, Dil Kyun Ye Mera and Zindagi Do Pal Ki
3.       J comes across Natasha at Tony’s place
4.       J with Natasha a night before their wedding (watch out when J shares his mother’s death tale with Natasha)
5.       Intermission point
6.       J and Natasha rob a bank
7.       J and Natasha at latter’s village

On the whole, Kites is plain disappointment all thanks to average stroryline and disappointing culmination. Watch it only for Hrithik and for Hrithik-Barbara piping hot chemistry. The film has arguably given the widest release ever (1198 shows of Kites running in 117 theatres of Mumbai daily!). This and the enormous curiosity will ensure the film gets adequate audiences for the 1st 3 days. But from Day 4, the film will surely fall big time. Very very very unfortunate!

My rating-** out of 5!