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I was a little hurt, says Aamir’s ex-trainer


Nagpur lad Satyajeet aka Chintu Chaurasia admits that he was disheartened when Aamir Khan shunned him as his physical trainer

Priyanka Sen Sarkar (BOMBAY TIMES; April 21, 2011)


It is rare to find individuals, who have risen from obscurity to prominence, but have not let the fame go to their head. Celebrity fitness trainer Satyajeet aka Chintu Chaurasia, who helped Aamir Khan sculpt his body to perfection and get eight-pack abs in Ghajini, exemplifies it with his low-key disposition. The Nagpur lad, who is known to have more than a decade-long association with Aamir, admits with an unusual candour that he was disheartened when the maverick actor decided to part ways with him. Aamir has imported a British-Filipino martial arts expert Gerald Zarcilla as his physical trainer for his next flick Dhoom 3. Satyajeet says, “I was a little hurt when I came to know about it, but we all know that Aamir is a perfectionist, and that’s why he must have felt the need of hiring a foreign trainer. But, this won’t affect our relationship and if, at any point of time, he needs my help, I will gladly go back to him. After all, he has been my guardian angel.” 

FIRST BRUSH WITH GLITZ Not many know that Aamir was the one who introduced Chintu to the gloss and glamour of the B-town. Fondly recalling his first meeting with the actor, Satyajeet says, “The lure of arc lights drove me to Mumbai from Nagpur. I was luckily present at the shooting of Aamir’s movie More >

Bye Bye Satya, Aamir’s got a new trainer!

Noyon Jyoti Parasara (MUMBAI MIRROR; April 08, 2011)


If somebody believes in getting in to character for a film, it’s Aamir Khan. And this time around, he is going all out to fit into his character in Yash Raj’s Dhoom 3.

Since, the role requires the actor to perform some adrenaline pumping stunts, Khan had gone ahead and imported a British-Filipino martial arts expert Gerald Zarcilla, as his physical trainer.

Gerald Zarcilla, Aamir’s (left) imported physical trainer

A source revealed, “Gerald has been training people across the globe. But no one has been as big as Aamir. The actor, too, treated his trainer really well.

In fact, he would often be at Khan’s home.” Incidentally, Gerald too, happens to be an actor with a couple of films under his black belt in karate.

Khan had been cycling everyday to gear up for the YRF film apart from training under Gerald.

He has also decided to let go of his trainer Satyajeet who was behind the famous 6-pack Ghajini abs. “Aamir has chalked out his plan really well.

After he finishes with Reema Kagti’s film, he will be working on his body from July to December for his character in Dhoom 3. He is also considering a new trainer for the same,” adds the source.

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