In a saucy, hatke interview, Salman Khan unleashes his hilarious, wicked side

Sonal Chawla (MUMBAI MIRROR; September 29, 2010)

I keep an early alarm to wake up on time so that I can interview Chulbul Pandey aka Salman Khan. Zipping past the mad traffic to make it on time, I enter Mehboob Studio. Luckily the star hasn’t arrived. I wait for a few minutes and Sallu arrives with his entourage. The actor has his table-chair set outside his vanity van, where we sit under the hot sun discussing his new avatar as host on Bigg Boss 4. Excerpts from a fun rendezvous:

• If given an opportunity, would you go inside the Bigg Boss house and be locked up with the contestants with no connection with the outside world?

As long as there are no cameras inside, yes, I will.

• For how long can you remain disconnected from the outside world?

Let me see now.

• But will you experiment and go inside?

I have been in more difficult situations than the contestants of Bigg Boss can ever be in! And I have handled them pretty well I guess…So I don’t think it will be that much of a problem. It will be a party place for me. I like people, good people, great people.

• Who would be the first person you would make a call to apart from your parents after getting out?

(Thinks) Apart form my parents, I would call Ashvini (programming head of the channel) and ask her what to do next.

• The contestants discuss everything under the sun about their personal lives. Do you find it right?

That’s good na. It’s entertaining.

• Would you discuss your personal relationships in the house, seen and heard by everyone?

You guys discuss my personal life without even knowing it. That is what I find very amusing. So I don’t even react to it and nobody else also reacts to it. And now the fans have also stopped reacting to it. Now I am on Twitter ya, so whenever something comes up, they immediately tweet.

• Tell me five actors you would like to see in the Bigg Boss house together?

I would like Sanju to be here (Sanjay Dutt), Govinda, myself, Jackie (Jackie Shroff), Akki  (Akshay Kumar). We all will have a blast.

• Five actresses?

Five names you choose.  All are good.

• Five directors?

All the directors should remain outside and keep directing

• If you were locked in the house with Vivek Oberoi, John Abraham, Shah Rukh Khan, who would you eliminate?

Do I have to answer this question?

• Yes…

I have to? What if I don’t, then?

• You just have to say one person’s name!

I would eliminate myself.

• And if you are not in the house with them, who would you choose to eliminate?

(Loudly) If I am not in the house, I am not the Bigg Boss, then I don’t have the right to eliminate anybody. They can be in as longgg as they want.

• If you had Sangeeta Bijlani, Somy Ali and Aishwarya Rai in the house, who would you eliminate?

I would keep them all.

• You wouldn’t eliminate anyone?

(Long pause) I really really like Sangeeta and Somy. They are my friends.

• Which actresses, if inside, will have cat fights according to you?

I think the actresses nowadays are pretty chilled out. Because I have worked with most of them. They all get along. The way the heroes get along, the actresses get along.

• You mean actresses only get along on screen?

No, off screen also. Nobody is into each other’s work. They are all in their spaces.

• Every contestant is given a household duty to do? What duty would you take up?

I would take the duty of cooking.

• If given a chance, what would you cook?

Nothing! I’ll make such bad food for everybody that they will run away from my food.

• What is the hatke lingo you plan to use on this show?

I would use a lot of beep wali gaalis.

• Among the Hollywood celebrities, which star would you like to see as an inmate inside and why?

I have no idea. I don’t know anybody in Hollywood. I know my friends from here. This industry is Hollywood for me.

• Aren’t you disturbed that controversy never seems to leave you?

Doesn’t that disturb you guys?

• No, it doesn’t disturb us.

No? Then why should it disturb me?

• Why do people see you in a film and want to copy your style?

You are seeing what I am wearing (points out to his clothes). It is very easily affordable. Jeans, t-shirt, ek joota hai and my bracelet, kabse pehen raha hoon.

• Do you have any regrets from the past?

No, not at all.