By now we are all well-versed with Rohit Shetty cinema. All his films bear the stamp of total madness, total fun and lots of entertainment. No wonder his films are seen ideal for Diwali release, when the mood is upbeat. Golmaal 3 too arrives today, on a Diwali, with hugest expectations. This is India’s officially first trilogy (if one doesn’t count My Friend Ganesha series) and the need was a product which would meet all the expectations attached to it. Fortunately, Golmaal 3 fulfills all those expectations! The film is entertaining and funny from the word ‘Go’. Unfortunately, there are some glitches but the pros compensate for these minor flaws and overall the film just rocks!

The story of the movie: Gopal (Ajay Devgn) lives with his brother Laxman (Shreyas Talpade), friend Daboo (Kareena Kapoor) and mother Guddi (Ratna Pathak Shah). On the other hand, Pritam (Mithun Chakraborty), a bus driver, stays with his sons-Madhav (Arshad Warsi), Lucky (Tusshar Kapoor) and Laxman (Kunal Khemu). Sons of both Pritam and Guddi can’t stand each other and there’s intense hatred between them. However, what no one knows is Pritam and Guddi were lovers once upon a time who couldn’t marry due to existing circumstances. When they meet after many years, they decide to rekindle their relationship. With Daboo’s persuasion, they get married without Guddi’s sons knowing that Pritam’s sons are the ones they hate and also the other way round. To find out what happens when they find out the bitter truth, watch the film!

It’s evident that Golmaal 3 wasn’t an easy film to make. There were as many as 8 important characters and numerous side characters. Forget the sidekicks, giving adequate screen space to each of the principal characters is a daunting task. However, the writers and makers succeed in doing so. Each character is unique and gets proper time to display their histrionics! Secondly, the director (Rohit Shetty) was helming the part 3 of a successful series. Although Golmaal 1 was successful, Golmaal 2 was thrashed by some for its not-so-interesting humour. Shetty and his team have learnt from their mistakes and appropriate care is taken to come up with a script which inspite of being illogical, is entertaining and tickles the funny bone!

Like all Rohit Shetty films, Golmaal 3 too begins with the title track. There are many scenes that truly stand out. Ajay and team screwing up Arshad team’s business twice and unintentionally destroying their own was too good. The entire flashback of Mithun-Ratna was brilliant and it was told in typical 70s-80s style with retro sets and background score. The best part of the 1st half was when the sons of Mithun and Ratna find the truth and the madness that follows. Just amazing!

Post-interval too the fun doesn’t subside. One of the finest sequences here was both the sibling teams threatening one another without mouthing a single word. It was truly very witty and of course totally hilarious! The emotional drama that erupts was fortunately very well treated. The climax was where the film could have hit a sixer. It was a bit thanda compared to the madness that it succeeded. But nevertheless, it entertains and you come out with a smile!

In Golmaal Returns, it was Shreyas who took away the cake. Here’s its none other than Ajay who’s undoubtedly the best performer of the film! His looks are killer and he carries out the role of hot-headed weirdo with elan. A versatile actor is one who is able to come up with a unique performance in each of the film of the same genre. Ajay succeeds very well in doing that! Hats off!

Kareena Kapoor has never attempted something like this before and she too comes out with flying colours. Even as a tomboy, she looks so hot and this is a considerable feat! Tusshar outperforms everyone in many of the scenes. Also in the only emotional sequence of the film, it’s him who rocks! Great work! Arshad Warsi who was very badly sidelined in Golmaal Returns gets a meaty role in Golmaal 3 and like everytime, gives a fabulous performance. Shreyas Talpade’s stammering act was funny but only at some places. Kunal Khemu brings the house down with his class dialogues!

Mithun Chakraborty gives an honest performance. He’s at his best in flashback scenes and when he makes a signature move in Apna Har Din song! Ratna Pathak Shah too comes up with a fine performance. Johny Lever was just brilliant and will surely be loved for his antics! Watch out for him! Mukesh Tiwari (Vasooli) is funny when he abuses the cop. Murli Sharma (cop) is there in 3 scenes, all of which are very funny. Viju Khote, Ashwini Kalsekar, Vrajesh Hirjee and Sanjay Mishra don’t get much scope.

Pritam’s music isn’t topping-the-charts kind but suits well to the mood of the film. The title song, Ale and Apna Har Din are likeable. Sanjoy Chowdhury’s background score is terrific especially in action scenes and the aforementioned dialogue-less significant sequence! Dudley’s cinematography gave a fresh and festive look to the film. Jai Singh Nijjar’s action was good although Rohit Shetty should curb the scenes of exploding cars!

Story although bit inspired from old films was well-written. Same for screenplay (Yunus Sajawal) although Yunus could have been a bit imaginative in the climax. Dialogues (Farhad-Sajid, Bunty Rathore) were one of the best things about the film! Especially the ones mouthed by Kunal are simply fantastic!

Finally, Rohit Shetty once again comes up with a winner! The director had gone a bit off-track with Sunday and Golmaal Returns but came back on track with All The Best and now Golmaal 3. As mentioned earlier, the expectations associated with this flick were huge but fortunately, he satisfies all of them. He could have still come up with a better product. But still no complaints as the film entertains like hell. Keep churning out such nice entertaining films RS!

Some of the best scenes:
1.       First face-off between the two sibling gangs
2.       Pappi (Johny Lever) on the jetski
3.       Pritam’s flashback
4.       Daboo persuades Pritam and Guddi to marry
5.       Daboo persuades the siblings for Pritam-Guddi’s marriage
6.       Madness just before the intermission (excellent!)
7.       Pritam as the ghost
8.       Facebook the dog bites Pritam’s bum
9.       High-voltage emotional drama between the siblings
10.     The climax

On the whole, Golmaal 3 is a great entertainer which has released during the right time of festival and celebration! It is loaded with tons of masti and madness. Just like every other Rohit Shetty film, don’t look for sense and logic and you’ll definitely enjoy the ride! Enjoy!


My rating-**** out of 5!