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Fenil’s Bollywood Talk # 93


Like many other actors, its Arshad Warsi now who has donned the producer’s hat. The first film under his banner is Hum Tum Aur Ghost (HTAG) starring Arshad himself, Dia Mirza and Boman Irani as the ghost. It is directed by Kabeer Kaushik whose Sehar was much appreciated. The chances of a box office success for HTAG seem practically nil as the film’s promotion hasn’t been upto the mark. Its promos have failed to create curiosity. Although the film might turn out to be good, chances are that it will be a box-office disaster.

Coincidentally, all badly promoted and ‘hypeless’ films are hitting theatres tomorrow. Well Done Abba (WDA) might turn out to be excellent but again it has failed on the promotion front. Starring Minissha Lamba and Boman Irani in lead roles, WDA might turn out to be as funny as impressive as Shyam Benegal’s last offing Welcome To Sajjanpur which was also a rural comedy. Let’s hope the film works inspite of the negligible publicity.

Besides, there’s Mittal v/s Mittal focusing on marital rape while Prem Kaa Game based on extra marital affairs releasing. My Friend Ganesha 3, a kiddie film, is releasing tomorrow at a time when school exams are going on throughout the country. Also, My Friend Ganesha 2 was a big-time box office disaster and yet its makers came up with the 3rd part. This is probably the first sequel of a superflop film!

From these 5, only Well Done Abba looks great and most probably, I’ll be watching it. Which film are you interested in? Do let me know!

Recently, Amitabh Bachchan and family have received a lot of flak that Bachchan is more inclined towards his native state (Uttar Pradesh) than Maharashtra, where he tasted success. In the midst of all this, AB Corp, Bachchan’s production house, silently produced a Marathi film, Vihir, which has toured several film festivals and released in theatres last week. Critics might say that Bachchan did this to show off or silence his detractors. However, that is totally untrue as if that was the case, Big B would had been all out in the media or shouting from the rooftops about this film and making ‘See-I-made-a-Marathi-film’ statements so that people (especially ones outside Maharashtra) come to know about it. However, Bachchans haven’t done anything of that sort and are letting the film grow on its merit. The film has won acclaim in international film festivals of Berlin, Rotterdam, Pusan, Kerela and Pune. Currently, it is running successfully in Maharashtra.

With Vihir, BigB has ably proved his love for the state and language. The politicians should now think many times before targeting him! Way to go Bachchans!

The costliest film ever, Avatar, will complete 100 days tomorrow! This is the first Hollywood film after a long time to have run for so many days in theatres in India. Even 2012 vanished after around 10 weeks. Avatar was loved by almost all and kept attracting people even though other interesting films released in the following weeks. Hearty congratulations to the Avatar team!