BOMBAY TIMES (April 29, 2011)

Queens! Destiny of Dance is one of the upcoming movies based on the transgender community of India. The movie has got curious viewers intrigued who have lined up to see what the movie’s going to be like. The objective of the movie is to give viewers an insight into the lives of the transgenders, so that people may develop a better understanding towards a section of the society that are mostly avoided and neglected.

The film which is presented by Madanlal Paliwal of Miraj Entertainment Ltd is releasing today. The story was shared with Bollywood’s legendary actors Rishi Kapoor and Hema Malini who applauded it. Seema Biswas, who has been getting accolades for her performance, says, “The film is daring, different and one of the most exciting roles that I have attempted.’’ South star Vineeth said, “A very challenging role for me and it projects a different side unlike regular romantic films, it’s a very clean and artistic film which has no negative shades. It caters even to children since it’s dealt in a very dignified way.” Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, one of the key actors says, “I’m excited about the movie’s release and happy for the transgender society as a whole. It’s a clean family oriented, free from controversies. it shows completely the dynamics and is a portrayal of the transgender society.”