A man called Atif Malik is running a fraudulent ad on the Internet inviting people for a “Break Ke Baad dinner party”. Wonder what he has on mind…

Vickey Lalwani and Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; October 28, 2010)

Fraudsters in the media keep redefining themselves with time.

Here’s a shocking example. A few days before Danish Aslam’s Break Ke Baad is set to hit the theatres, a person who calls himself Atif Malik, is running an ad on You Tube (check the link www.youtube.com/watch?v=AY7Ty8E82cs), which says that “A Meet and Greet Dinner party of Break Kay Baad is going to be held on November 12 at Chak 89 Hall, 105 Bond Road, Cr 4 Hg.”

Imran Khan, Deepika Padukone

The ad strikes you as a fraudulent one when you realise that the name of the film has not been spelt correctly. The ad spells it as ‘Break Kay Baad’. But it is definitely the Imran-Deepika starrer Break Ke Baad that Atif is referring to; you can clearly see some scenes from the film being run in the background.

When Mumbai Mirror checked with some sources from the actual Break Ke Baad team, the truth surfaced.

A source close to the film says, “How can anybody advertise like this? This is so unethical. Who is the so-called meet and greet party of Break Ke Baad being sold to? No member of the cast and crew is going to attend any event at 89 Hall on November 12.”

The ad mentions that singer Sonu Nigam will make a special appearance at the party. So, we checked with Sonu’s business manager, Ben Thomas about the authenticity of this ad. Ben said, “No. Sonu is not scheduled to make any such appearance on November 12.”

Paisa Fake-O: The fraudulent add on Youtube

The official spokesperson of Break Ke Baad said, “We are going to UK around the same time, but we are not aware of this.”

Sorry Atif, no meetings or greetings for you!