One of TV’s most loved couples, who shared a rock-solid marriage for 14 years, call it a day

Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; October 22, 2010)

The entire nation watched them on TV not too long ago, dancing, hand in hand, utterly in love. It’s sad but one of the most stable couples in Indian television, Rajeev and Delnaaz Paul, have developed fissures in their 14-year-old marriage.

Delnaaz has moved out of their house in Malad, and is currently living in another one that is two buildings away.

A source close to the couple told Mumbai Mirror, “There has been friction between Rajeev and Delnaaz for quite some time now. They have been living separately for the past two months.”

Explaining what led to the separation, the source said, “They have had tiffs over many issues. And over time, they just started feeling like two very different people living together. It happens sometimes when you stay together for a long time.”

When contacted, Rajeev simply said, “Delnaaz is a lovely person. Yes, she and I have a few issues, which we need to sort out. But frankly, I don’t wish to say anything more on this at this point of time.”

Delnaaz on the other hand excused herself saying, “I am busy in a meeting. But I shall call you back.” That never happened though.

Finally, it was Delnaaz’s brother, popular TV actor Bakhtyar Irani, who confirmed the news and said, “Right now, I am the only person in the two families who is talking to both Rajeev and Delnaaz. I am trying to reunite them. I don’t like broken families.”

Neither do we. Hope you guys sort it out.