Salman has declared himself single; Katrina has cried her heart out, but what’s constant is that the two are still inseparable

Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; September 06, 2010)

Bollywood relationships are rather bizarre. And the one that Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan share sure tops the list. (The second one would probably be one that Adnan Sami shares with his wives).

Barely a week after their much-hyped break-up that left Katrina devastated as we had reported, the couple were spotted together. Katrina and Sallu were seen talking to each other inside a vanity van at Film City, on Saturday night.

Farah Khan was also present in the van. Says a source from Film City, “Salman was in a special screening of Dabangg.

Katrina was shooting with Akshay for Farah’s Tees Maar Khan. Katrina called Salman and asked him to come over. Salman went over to where she was in the next fifteen minutes.”

The short time together couldn’t have been wasted in arguments, naturally. Another source close to the film Tees Maar Khan says, “Farah went across to Adlabs where the special screening was being held.

She brought Salman over. In fact, Salman had even invited Katrina, Farah, and Akshay for that screening. Once he came over, Salman was merrily talking to all three of them.”

Says a close friend of Katrina’s, “The truth is that though they don’t meet as a couple anymore, both Katrina and Salman are still confused about their relationship. They just can’t decide if they should continue or not.

At one moment, they feel they should call it off completely and at another they feel that they should sort out their differences.”

Farha, would you like to advise?