It’s now an accepted fact that small films getting churned out at regular intervals have lots to entertain and give a good time than the biggies. To this list, one can now add one more flick and that is ‘The Film Emotional Atyachar’. The film is as unusual and weird as its title but manages to give a paisa vasool experience!

The story of the movie: Vikram Jaiswal (Mohit Ahalawat) is all set to sign a deal with Mr Khanna (Nasser Abdullah). But at the last moment, Khanna ditches Vikram and refuses to work with him. Khanna instead strikes a deal with Bosco (Abhimanyu Singh) and buys his club in Goa. Junior Bhai (Ravi Kishan), a small time goon, comes to know about the exchange of money between Bosco and Khanna and decides to attack them and rob all the cash. He takes the help of 2 wannabes, Goti (Snehal Dabhi) and Pichhku (Rajkumar Kanojia). Bosco on the other hand needs the money desperately to pay off to 2 corrupt cops, Joe (Vinay Pathak) and Leslie (Ranvir Shorey). The cop duo fears that Bosco might dump them after getting the money. Hence they take Bosco’s muse Sophie (Kalki Koechlin) as hostage until Bosco pays them their share. How all these characters unintentionally clash with each other on a secluded Mumbai-Goa highway at night is what the film is all about!

The film initially fails to impress and is damn confusing. Although all characters get introduced in style, you get a feeling that it’s not been a fine ride. However, the film picks up dramatically with the scene where Vinay and Ranvir enter when Abhimanyu’s room whose hands are tied up! The thrilling shootout minutes before the intermission escalates the impact. And if that wasn’t good, then the film turns better and better during the second half with each passing minute. A series of double cross by various characters and the unpredictability of the plot ensure that viewers remain gripped to their seats with no idea of what will happen next. The climax seemed totally justified.

The film might give you a déjà vu feeling of many films of this genre. The highway drama and heist episode gone wrong reminds one of Johnny Gaddaar, the somewhat-inferior production values is a remembrance of Ek Chalis Ki Last Local while the marvelous interconnection between characters bring back memories of Sankat City! But yet, the film and its script can be considered as completely original!

Without a shred of doubt, Vinay Pathak is the scene-stealer! His mannerisms and his sexy style works very well and put a smile on the faces of viewers although he is a baddie in the film (just like everyone else). Although he and Ranvir Shorey are together in every scene, it’s Vinay who leaves a mark. Ranvir on his part puts his best foot forward but fails up to match up to Vinay this time. It was nice to see Mohit Ahlawat after a long time (the RGV effect has totally waned away from for the better!). Kalki Koechlin looks stunning and gives a brilliant performance as expected from her! It’s indeed great that she has a number of films lined up! Ravi Kishan was very impressive and convincing. He was tailor-made for this role! Snehal Dabhi rocks in the scene where he is in the van sitting injured. Anand Tiwari (as Hiten Sardesai) comes up with yet another brilliant performance. Abhimanyu Singh and Rajkumar Kanojia play their part well. Others were okay.

There was no need for music in this film at all. However, the background score (Mangesh Dhadke) was simply fantastic. Editing (Pranav Dhiwar) was slick. Kartik Krishnan and Bhavini Bheda’s dialogues were witty and raise laughs at many places (esp the ones mouthed by Vinay). Story was truly hatke and very well written. So was the screenplay.

Director Akshay Shere scores a sixer with his debut! A film like The Film Emotional Atyachar wasn’t easy to make since there are so many characters and so much happening at every moment. But doing total justice to the script (not to forget that its Akshay’s first film) is a great feat indeed. The film has lots of abuses thrown in and some scenes are damn violent and gory. But that works and gives the film a real look. A great job indeed!

Some of the best scenes:
1.       Hiten helps the injured Vikram
2.       Joe and Leslie at Bosco’s club
3.       Goti and Pichhku go to buy a gun
4.       Junior, Goti and Picchku attempt the robbery
5.       Junior and Picchku arguing as to what should be done about Goti
6.       Vikram meets Sophie
7.       The last 20 minutes

On the whole, The Film Emotional Atyachar is a neat little surprise of this season! It is extremely fast paced and gives 100 minutes of total thrill and entertainment! If you aren’t interested in any of the recent releases, giving The Film Emotional Atyachar a try would surely be no harm! Go for it!!

My rating-**** out of 5!