After the super-successful Half-Yearly Awards 2009, we are back this year! All those who came late, here’s a brief idea of this concept-through this awards, we’ll take into consideration all the films that released in the first 6 months of the year (Jan to June). 2 reasons for doing this-one, during the awards season, films released throughout the year are considered and hence due to the huge number of movies, many interesting and deserving films get left out (at times, deliberately). And secondly, people are losing trust from the so-called awards and are increasingly seen as rigged. However, FENIL’S HALF YEARLY AWARDS gives you a chance to vote for your favourites and give them the appreciation and honour which they rightfully deserve!

So, all you guys, start voting and help to choose the right winners! It won’t even take more than 2 minutes! Hurry Up! Voting closes on Sunday, August 8. Results will be announced on Monday August9! And let all your moviegoing friends/family members/relatives/acquaintances know about these awards! I want this year’s edition to be much bigger than last year’s! So GET SET VOTE!!