56-yr-old is the talk of town with her sizzling pix for Filmfare. But how much of her is natural here?

Mumbai Mirror Bureau (July 13, 2010)

Yoga and aerobics under the tutelage of Ramma Bans transformed a gauche Rekha into a diva in the ’80s. Subsequently, critics used words such as ‘flawless’ and ‘sexy’ to flatter the actress. Since then it has been rumoured that the actress had gone under the knife at various phases of her life if only to remain transfixed in time.

The actress of course claims that it is in fact yoga, reading (expanding her mental horizon), a healthy diet and good sleep that have kept her in ship shape. Her latest pictures seem to demonstrate that an equal number of hours may have gone to create that form.

The actress’s latest pictures by photographer Jagdish Mali in Filmfare magazine have created a buzz in Bollywood. The 56-year-old is out to give serious competition to actresses who were just about born when she had begun to reign as a shining star.

So what does it really take to keep looking like that? Following the shoot Mali remarked, “When we shoot digitally, a little bit of touch-up here and there is necessary. I’ve just made minor changes to the images… haven’t tampered with her figure at all!” he claims, adding, “We know she’s been maintaining herself well. When you’re young at heart, it reflects on your face.”

And then we handed the images to our hawk eyed photo editor Sebastian D’souza, and this is what he had to say…
Jagdish mali
1. The neck looks awkwardly positioned on the shoulder,
as they meet at a sharp
right angle.

3. The use of photoshop is apparent. Note the way her saree fold meets a dead end,
given that the actor’s waist has been artistically recreated.

2. This photoshopper needs anatomy lessons. Rekha’s limbs look totally out of symmetry. 4. A closer look here reveals wrinkles on her thumb and fingers.