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Fenil’s Bollywood Talk # 91

Posted by: Fenil Seta on: March 11, 2010


The 55th Idea Filmfare Awards, which was telecasted on Sunday, turned out to be a below expectations affair for most of the viewers. Majority felt that the spark which is there every year was missing this time, inspite that Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan were the hosts. Personally speaking, I found it interesting although I agree it could have been better. The highpoints of the evening were Shashi Kapoor and Khayyam getting Lifetime Achievement Award, Deepika and Shahid’s performance and SRK-Saif insulted by Hrithik, Vidya Balan and especially Neil Nitin Mukesh!

However, when practically the entire industry was present at the Awards, the absence of one superstar raised many eyebrows. No, I am not talking about Aamir Khan here! I am referring to Amitabh Bachchan and his family who decided to skip the Filmfare Awards this year! Reason is interesting-they were hugely upset by an article published in Mumbai Mirror newspaper (owned by Times Group, sponsors of Filmfare) dated February 18, 2010 which stated that Big B’s bahu Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has put her pregnancy plans on the backburner as she’s suffering from stomach tuberculosis. The report went on to say that the fact that Aishwarya didn’t got pregnant even after completing 33 months of marriage has been a cause of concern for the Bachchan family! Read the complete article here!

Now the stomach TB part of the article might be correct but all this Ash delaying her pregnancy plans was rubbish. Ash angrily wrote the following to Mirror, “I am completely shocked, appalled and extremely upset with the contents of the article. I completely deny the report. It is fabricated and false. It is very disappointing that your office did not even bother to verify this article with me, my family, my spokesperson or my office. I would think it only ethical and correct to get the person in question’s side of the story or verification before printing such news” Interestingly, the next day’s issue of Mirror carried this angry reaction of Ash!

Everybody thought the matter ended here. But then Amitabh wrote on his blog that he was deeply anguished with the contents of that article. His remark “If anyone will speak derogatorily about her, I shall fight for her till my last breath” gave an indication that Big B would surely not take things lying down. He, therefore, along with his entire family, decided to skip Filmfare Awards and according to some websites, they might take legal action too. Although someone from Mirror apologized but it did not soothe Big B. He wrote, “Despite a few personal apologies from management and owners, no public apology has taken place. You cannot abuse me in public and then come and say sorry to me in private.”

Some might feel that the Bachchans has overreacted as all this is a part and parcel of stardom. However, I applaud them for taking action against such rumour mills and feel they are absolutely justified. These gossip mongers have many times crossed their lines to get an ‘exclusive story’. It was necessary that somewhere someone stops them or at least give them some sense.

Hopefully, with this incident, Mirror, Mid-Day and other rumour mongers will think twice before printing any stupid story about any celeb!

Almost everyone who had seen Kuch Kuch Hota Hai fell in love with it. Now get ready to fall with it all over again as the film’s animated version Koochie Koochie Hota Hai is all set to hit the theatres this year!

The promo of the film was released during the release of My Name Is Khan last month. It seems the film’s basic plot remains the same. The big change is that the main characters are dogs and not humans! Voiceovers have been done by Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Rani Mukherji, Riteish Deshmukh, Simi Gasrewal, Anupam Kher, Uday Chopra, Sajid Khan and….Sanjay Dutt! The film is directed by Tarun Mansukhani, who made Dostana.

I just the hope the film doesn’t repeat the mistakes committed by makers of Roadside Romeo and manage to promote it well and give it an appropriate release. THE PROMO OF THE FILM IS UPLOADED BELOW…DO CHECK AND LET ME KNOW YOUR VIEWS!

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